Blog Information Update 06.18.14

About This Post

Hello everyone! I am writing today to tell you about some exciting new things that are on the blog, and some things that will be coming to the blog in the near future. I am excited!

Changes Already Made

Everyone should now be seeing a new category on the list. This new category is “Images”. My Fiance, Ashley_Jane, has decided to take up the media aspect of the blog. This means a great deal to me, and it makes me very happy and excited that she is helping out with the blog. There are already a few images up, and trust me, there will be a lot more. 🙂 One of Ashley’s hobbies is taking photos and editing them. She is very good at what she does, and you will be seeing a lot of that on the blog.

Another change you may have seen is we now are starting to get video blog entries up. At the time of this post, we have two entries up on YouTube. We ask that you please watch, like, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. It helps to get the word out there. Share it on social networking website. Once the blog gets more followers and contributors, you will see some very major changes done!

Coming / Wanted Changes

There are a few things that I want to see happen with the blog, and a few things that will be happening here in the very near future. A few things that will be happening here in the near future are:

  • More video blog entries. (We will still have a lot of text entries as well.)
  • Live YouTube events. (With this, we will need more followers that will be willing to watch to make them worth the effort.)
  • A photo and video gallery to help better maintain the media we have on the blog. (Ashley_Jane will be in charge of the media aspect.)

With that said, there are other things I want to do with the blog, but they will take a little bit longer to do as we don’t have very many followers. As I said before, I want this to be a blog that anyone can join, and anyone can makes pages, posts, etc. Purely for discussion, a place where people can voice their opinions and not be judged on their feelings, thoughts, or beliefs. I will let everyone know more about what will happen in the blog in the future, once we start getting a few more followers and contributors. I ask everyone please subscribe to the YouTube channel, please follow the blog and our Facebook page. We can’t do this alone!

One More Thing

I just wanted to mention one more thing as well. I want to extend thoughts and prayers out to those effected by this years tornado’s in NE and IA. I have friends that live in northwestern Iowa, and they have been effected by flooding, tornados, etc. Lea, and Ed, my thoughts and prayers go out to you guys and your family!


Last edit: 8:27PM 06/18/2014


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